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Over 2 decades experiences help us to create products that are widely used in a variety of different commercial fitness equipment.

Business Areas


Our quiet and powerful incline motor enable precise incline angle and smooth movement for commercial treadmills.


High-end Elliptical has adjustable ramp angle, our DC incline motor can provide enough power to achieve the function.

Stair Climbers

Our field coil eddy current brake is double faces balanced, it keeps the stair climber quiet and lower vibration, coil with class F insulation.

Smart Trainers

Our brake and generator make trainer smarter than before, special design matches the design of clients.


Traditional bike use brake with magnets which only provides stable resistance, our brake can make it smarter and more close to real ride on bike.


The moment of inertia (MOI) for each Flywheel of our brake is tested before assembling, accuracy is 0.1%, This provides a fair basis for interactive interface rowing match.

Dental Chairs

Dental chair back is adjustable, our incline motor provide no endplay for dental chair.

Industrial Area

Our incline motor (linear actuator) can be used in any industrial area where has linear motion.


We make contract of motors and brakes for clients, just list your requirements, we do the rest.

Tell us what you want, we do the rest.


Incline Motors, Brakes and Generators in fitness equipment.

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About Motak

A Premier Supplier of incline motors, brakes and Generators.

Motak has provided high-quality products in the fields of fitness for decades, During these years, the company has continued to develop new products for fitness equipment.

In close cooperation with our customers, we develop and manufacture incline motors (AC and DC linear actuators), brakes and generators for fitness equipment in China. As a full-range supplier, we rely on our competitive products...

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